Re-use of historic and modern homes, a sustainable practice.

Residential architect Steve Chambers assists his clients in the protection and renovation of irreplaceable examples of Texas’ built environment. We provide creative solutions for the rehabilitation of historic and relatively modern structures. We appreciate the homes that remain in Texas and Oklahoma and assist in rehabilitation before these personal, and in some cases national treasures, are lost forever.

We make an effort to preserve and sustain the ’embodied energy’ (the energy and natural resources already used in the original construction) that resides in these buildings. Historical residential design provides one of the best ways for the public to learn about and revisit the shared history of our country.

Homes, Barns & Ranches

Historic Dogtrot Restoration
Granbury, Texas Preservation by Steve Chambers, A.I.A., Specializing in Restoration and Preservation in Texas and Oklahoma.
Granbury Preservation
Barn Reuse Ranch
Coryell County Log Home
Coryell County Log Home
Historic Wise County Ranch Preservation
Stone Barn Historic Teaxs Ranch Home Stone Farmhouse Farm House Ideas
Bosque Historic Ranch
Folk Victorian Preservation in Marshall, Texas by Dallas Architect Steve Chambers, A.I.A.
Folk Victorian