Aspirational. Visionary. Pushing the boundaries.

The Modern Architecture Movement became linked with social, political, scientific, and artistic changes that were occurring at the beginning of the 20th century. Architects, like professionals within all of these domains of study, were looking for new forms to break with the traditions and recognize these changes. Contemporary architecture is not simply non-traditional or untied to any particular style, it tries to be aspirational, visionary, take advantage of developing technologies and research, and often pushes the boundaries of these new materials and technologies.

For simplicity, we use the term modern here to describe design that has no historic references and uses the most current technologies and materials available. In the case of Regional Modernism, we use elements in the contemporary design of the house to reference the locale in which it is sited and lend context. The modern custom home design practice of Stephen B. Chambers Architects, Inc. utilizes as many sustainable principles as possible, attempting to preserve natural resources, manage energy, and other ‘green’ objectives.


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