An architectural firm that specializes in residential design, remodeling, and historic renovation.

A home should be an expression of who you are and how you live, not who your architect is.

For your entire life, you have been acquiring memories, tastes, habits and preferences. Texas residential architect Stephen B. Chambers listens to the visions you have for your new home and analyzes your daily habits. Together you create a custom home that is centered around the way you live. This structure becomes a true extension of who you are, what you do, enriching and facilitating your life every day. Our firm believes that there is wisdom in the quote by Ernest Dimnet, architecture, of all the arts, is the one which acts the most slowly, but the most surely on the soul. Learn more about this architectural process.

When clients meet with Dallas residential architect Stephen B. Chambers for the first time, they understand the meaning of a personalized practice. Steve has had the experience of designing and building his own home, as well as building numerous other custom homes he designed. He recognizes that when he is designing for a client, he must appreciate what the client wants – a custom home created to meet their needs and preferences. He takes his clients dreams and filters them through his design sensibilities, skill, and training to create an integrated design. As a result of a detailed interview process, developed over years of working with many clients, creative and livable custom homes emerge. His signature talent is the ability to generate a variety of creative solutions which gives the client a number of options.

Community Relations and Corporate Giving:  

Chambers Architects uses its corporate giving to support artists and nonprofits in the Dallas community that strengthen the sciences, visual arts, and literary arts.

“I chose Steve to collaboratively work with HKS… He and his staff exceeded my expectations and I would recommend him for architectural services on residential design to anyone needing those services. Working with him is an absolute pleasure.”
– H. Ralph Hawkins, FAIA, FACHA, LEED AP, CEO HKS, Inc.
Texas Architect, Colorado Architect, Oklahoma Architect.

Our vision

Architecture is not a personal philosophical or aesthetic pursuit by a few individualists, but rather a profession that must consider the everyday needs of people who own the property, live in the homes, and use the technology and aesthetic environment that we design. Our philosophy and approach to design is people-oriented and client-centric and we feel that it provides our clients with an aesthetic experience that increases the enjoyment and livability of their homes. It is a core value for the firm that what evolves from our collaborative process is far more relevant to the needs of the clients and forms the foundation for good architecture. Our Texas architectural firm, Stephen B. Chambers Architects, collaborates with clients throughout the design process, and without this, the architect’s work is mere decoration of the landscape and an extension of the ego of the architect.