Senior Designer

Jeff Golden knew at an early age that he wanted to devote his life and career to architecture.  His guiding principle is that “God is in the details.”  Attention to the small things, such as how we treat people in our everyday lives, a simple good-morning to a stranger, can have exponentially positive repercussions to the well-being of others and ourselves.  Jeff surrounds himself with the art and sculpture that inspire him creatively, personifies his love of design, and inspires him to share his creativity. One such inspiration is a pedestrian bridge handrail designed by Italian architect, Carlo Scarpa, on the Palazzo of the Fondazione Querini Stampalia. The architect’s passion and respect for materials is revealed in the intricate connections and details in the design of the railing.

The thrill of creating the details in residential projects are as rewarding to him as the successful completion of the concept into a relatable design.  A corollary to his view is that the architecture of every day living should also embody our true selves, and discomfort with spaces that don’t reflect who we are cannot be overcome with any amount of clever detail. Thoughtful design is the culmination of the successful composition of these conceptual connections with each detail of the project. Jeff seeks to contribute to the meaningful evolution of architecture by sharing these kinds of interwoven relationships in his personal and professional life.

NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards)

Masters of Architecture, Texas Tech University

“I enjoy the detail that is architecture, and the building of something new.  Making sure it can be built.  Seeing the lines on the paper transformed into the reality of the vision that generated them.”