Space Savers: Stacking Car Lifts for the Home Garage

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Car Lift Installation

Car Lift Activation

There are many different types of car lifts, and all are less expensive than adding additional bays to your garage, even if you have room on your existing site. Plan ahead for a future car space (lift) when designing your new home or addition. You may already have room in your existing garage, depending on your car sizes, garage size, and type of lift.

Chambers Architects’ residential designs typically include slightly oversized garage spaces for future use and storage. Here is an example of a retrofit, including installation, video, and photos for my own home in Dallas. Besides a place for an extra car or two, a lift can provide “loft space” for extra storage above a car. In some cases, for less than adding attic storage and a stair above the garage. It may also be lowered for ease of access to the stored items without the use of a stair.

Lift Furnished and Installed By: American Shop Services Company; Scott Pelton, Owner (817) 487-7545

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