The J5 Cutting Horse Ranch is located in Parker County, often called the “Cutting Horse Capitol of the World.” The main house employs three historic timber frame structures within its U-shaped Lueder’s limestone clad exterior. The Great Room features a 36 ft. tall Revolutionary War-era hemlock timber barn relocated to Texas from Mariaville, New York.

Two 1860s single-pen log cabins form the sleeping areas. The raised oak porch makes a strong Texas regional design statement. The ranch’s sustainable design includes five rainwater capture cisterns, highly efficient mechanical systems and the embodied energy of antique structures. The decor reflects the West of the late 1800s and includes furniture custom-designed by Texas architect, Steve Chambers that is reminiscent of this period. For more information about cutting horses, training for the competitions, and cutting horse ranches, click this link to the National Cutting Horse Association.

Photographs, below, taken by photographer, Constance Jaeggi and Jonny Carroll.