One of the owners of this historic home, preserved by Stephen B. Chambers Architects and located North of Decatur, TX, is the grandson of the rancher who took possession of the post-Civil War four-room stone structure a century ago. Having been abandoned for 40 years, considerable work needed to be done. Steve Chambers, Dallas architect, and the client developed a plan to adapt the house into a second-home while making minimal architectural interventions that might otherwise compromise the rustic character and detail of this 19th Century Texas treasure. In order to remain close to the historical accuracy of a home in this period of Texas history. a second building on the site originally constructed as a stone base for a water storage tank, was converted into bathroom facilities

This home is the recipient of a 2006 Preservation Texas Award for Historic Rehabilitation.

“While at Rock Ranch, family members immerse themselves in a different time and in a different place where they can appreciate the rustling of wind through oak trees and contemplate a shadow moving across a limestone wall.”
– J. Brantley Hightower, Texas Architect Journal