Stephen and Stephanie Chambers collaborate on the interior design with their clients and provide their services to those whose homes are designed by Chambers Architects. Their philosophy is based upon the belief that a home should be designed for a client’s lifestyle, reflect the personality of its inhabitants, and unify the architecture. It’s about understanding the reality of how clients live every day of their lives through timeless, rather than trendy decor. Their design focuses on the expression of their client’s vision in a balanced and practical way.

It isn’t a collection of art or decorative objects that have no meaning to the client, or have been assembled to appeal to others. The art displayed in the home is often personal and in harmony with the textiles and furniture design. It isn’t selected to match the furniture.

At the end of the day, the interiors convey a sense of comfort and contribute to the wellbeing of those who live in the home. It tells the story of who the family is, where they’ve been, what they love, and where they are going. It often combines what they have with what can be discovered, combined, unearthed, and recycled. The Chambers’ interiors are a fusion of the integrated design perspective of the architecture with the values of the owners.