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Stephen B. Chambers Architects, Inc. Completes ‘Green’ Modern Residential Design in Devonshire Area
Wildlife foundation home

Wildlife foundation home

DALLAS…..Stephen B. Chambers Architects, Inc., an architectural firm that specializes in modern and traditional residential design, remodeling, and historic renovation, recently completed a Dallas residence in the Devonshire area using many of the principles of sustainable design. Particular attention was paid to efficient use of space and the conservation of energy, water and other natural resources on the site.

“The client’s primary goal in the design of this new home was to downsize to a single level, low maintenance, high efficiency home,” says Steve Chambers. “Protecting the environment, providing a habitat for migratory birds and butterflies, and conserving the site’s natural resources also were important elements as we progressed through the design process. A unique feature of this home is a 1,650-gallon galvanized steel cistern in the front yard that serves a real purpose in providing supplementary landscape irrigation by collecting rainwater from the roof. Symbolically, it reminds us of how important water is as a resource.”

Steve remembers that his mother, who was raised in Nebraska during the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s, used white porcelain bowls in the 1950’s in Dallas to collect rainwater from the roof downspouts to wash her hair. “Somehow, in just a few generations,” Steve says, “we have forgotten what a scarce commodity fresh water can be and that a real effort is necessary to intelligently conserve it and other natural resources in our environment. This can be done by specifying many of the recycled, recyclable, renewable, and short-growth products that are now available to architects and designers.”

Other sustainable features of the home are: open cell foam insulation, galvanized steel roofing, stone quarried within 300 miles of Dallas, pine end grain block flooring, deep overhangs and loggia, high-efficiency appliances and ceiling fans, high-performance windows and doors, high-efficiency air conditioning, low-flow plumbing fixtures, drip irrigation system, minimal water use landscaping, low maintenance grasses and no lawn.

About Steve Chambers
Steve has been a licensed architect since 1975. He is also a licensed interior designer. He has specialized in designing residences for over thirty-three years and has also built a number of homes himself. He understands the process of residential design, from conceptualization of the design through construction. He recognizes that when he is designing for a client, he must listen to what the clients want and then collaborate with them to design a home that meets their needs and preferences. As a result of a detailed interview, developed over years of working with many clients, creative and livable designs emerge. His signature talent is the ability to generate a variety of creative solutions, realizing that really good design can be achieved in many styles.