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Susan Daniels Wins “Brickmaker’s” Table for 1856 Log Home

image_thumb_m_smith8Josiah Daniel’s great great grandfather built the Daniel log home in 1856. The oak logs, cut from his farm, were assembled to form a double-pen dog trot. The log home is comprised of two rooms (of equal size) separated by an open breezeway, the dog trot. This is typical of southern log house of this era. Members of the Daniel family have owned the home since it was built. Susan and Josiah set out to preserve and restore the house to its original state.

“We could not have done this without the help of our Dallas architect, Stephen B. Chambers, AIA, who does historic preservation and restoration. A lot of research went into the restoration of our house and it was restored using antique materials,” states Susan.

IMG_5337Brooke Giannetti, interior designer and author of the blog Velvet & Linen, came up with the idea to award a prize of a handmade table to demonstrate how personal style influences appearance of a decorative item. If six different people had the exact same coffee table, it might look different in six settings. “It comes down to how you place it, the other pieces surrounding it, the shape and color of the room and how you accessorize that table. Putting your personal touches to a reproduction piece can be very rewarding,” says Brooke. Mark Sage of Bobo Intriguing Objects was kind enough to offer three Brickmaker’s tables for a give away on Brooke’s blog.

Readers of the Velvet & Linen blog were asked to submit photos of a room where the table could be placed. Three winners were selected by the votes of thousands of readers. The Daniel’s living room was one of the winners.

Chambers’ design of Daniel Dog Trot preserves and displays the original craftsmanship of the 1856 home without sanitizing history. Evidence of the limited technical means of the builders of 150 years ago is still present. The Daniels’ plan is to use the property as a family retreat, working farm, and make it available to local historical groups.

About Steve Chambers
Steve has been a licensed architect since 1975. He is also a licensed interior designer. He has specialized in designing residences for over thirty-three years and has also built a number of homes himself. He understands the process of residential design, from conceptualization through construction. He recognizes that when he is designing for a client, he must listen to what the clients want and then collaborate with them to design a home that meets their needs and preferences. As a result of a detailed interview, developed over years of working with many clients, creative and livable designs emerge. His signature talent is the ability to generate a variety of creative solutions, realizing that really good design can be achieved in many styles.

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