Texas residential architect Steve Chambers’ philosophy of client-centric design helps you realize your vision and build the home that is an extension of you, while actively helping you to create a home designed for the way that you live and use the rooms of your home.

Each custom home design starts as a concept based on a several-hour interview with Texas residential architect Steve Chambers in which the client and architect discuss everything from the ‘feeling’ of the home to the specific details the family wants to have, as well as a site visit to understand the orientation views and existing conditions of the property. From these notes, sketches evolve that eventually become thoroughly documented drawings and specifications so that the contractor has a ‘blueprint’ from which to build.

There are 6 steps that we find to be typical of most Residential Projects:

Step One – DECIDE: What features do you need/want in your new home; design priorities.

We meet with you and fill out a detailed checklist of options and possibilities or requirements for your home. A site visit by Texas residential architect Steve Chambers to the property where the home is or will be located is an important part in the development of the design program.

“From the bedroom to kitchen to the office, it’s all right in line, all with views to the outside. We really have enjoyed it. I’ve always wanted a castle, and I have one now.”
– Susan Hawkins
Step Two – CONCEPTUAL SKETCHES: What will your new home look like?

We will develop a number of conceptual sketches that will depict the general layout and character of your new home, as well as the relationship of the home to the site. This process may go through several iterations to refine the concept.

Step Three -PRELIMINARY DESIGN & PRICING: What is the appropriate price for my new home?

More detail is added to the concept that the owners have decided they want. Then, the design is refined. At this point, we ask contractors to provide preliminary estimates of the cost of construction.

Step Four -WORKING DRAWINGS: How much and what kind of details do I want?

We prepare detailed drawings from which a contractor can determine the cost and build the home to meet your specifications.

Step Five -HIRE THE CONTRACTOR: How do I select the builder of my home?

We advise and assist you in the selection of your general contractor.

Step Six -CONSTRUCTION: Can the architect assist me during the construction of my new home?

Texas residential architect Steve Chambers can assist the owner by observing the work and checking to see that the construction is in compliance with the plans and specifications, as well reviewing the contractor’s application for payments and keep the owner informed about the progress of the work being done by the contractor. Each owner may decide how much oversight they need and want for the project. The contractor is solely responsible for construction methods, techniques, schedules, and procedures.

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