Good design occurs in every period and style of residential architecture

The new-historical home design practice by residential architect Steve Chambers uses the scale, construction techniques, materials, colors, and details that reference authentic examples of a particular historical style. Many of Chambers Architects’ clients want homes that reflect their heritage, cultural backgrounds, interests, and familial history. Our firm appreciates that good design occurs in every period and style of residential architecture and that there is much joy associated with research and effort to preserve the integrity of a particular design.

We strive to reference accurate examples, available to us in architectural history, literature, and travel. We also believe that authentic historical design does not keep us from using the environmentally-conscious principles of sustainability, and modern construction techniques and detailing. The goal of new-historical home design is not to blindly copy historical structures, but rather to echo the forms, proportions, detail, massing, and character of a particular style of residential architecture.


Cotswold English Style
Williamsburg Style
Texas Regional
Texas Sunday House
Victorian Style
English Style Remodel
Texas Mediterranean
Hill Country Haven

Ranches & Barns

Sherman Texas Ranch Home
Durant Oklahoma Ranch Home
Hugo Oklahoma Ranch Home
Hill Country Ranch Home
Wild Oaks Ranch
East Texas Family Retreat
Bosque County Ranch
Texas Regional Ranch
East Texas Party Barn
Timber Frame Barn
Parker County Ranch
Montague County Ranch
Cutting Horse Ranch in Parker County
Texas and Oklahoma Registered Architect
Hill Country Ranch on San Gabriel River
Jack County Ranch