A steeply sloping lot could have presented a problem in the design of this Texas Regional Modern home located in North Dallas, but instead, it gave our firm a most creative opportunity. We combined the family’s program to keep most of the everyday living to one level of the home with the steep drop of the lot to produce a ‘treehouse’ effect, which is seen most dramatically from the back interior of the home. The home is entered via a bridge at the front, where the visitor arrives into the main entertainment area and the second level of the house.

Rather than cut and fill the lot, as is often done in Dallas, Texas, the design takes full advantage of the natural topography of the property, enabling the preservation of most of the existing trees. The result is a thoroughly modern home overlooking a forested lot from the vantage point of two stories of glass at the rear. It is a sophisticated loft within the trees and meets all of the client’s requirements by providing the main living areas on the upper level.