Party Barn

The original color of the beams and siding on this barn-shaped party pavilion is seen in this photo taken immediately after construction. The exposed wood can be sealed with a clear finish, stained or left to weather naturally. Natural weathering allows for the structure to blend in with the natural setting of winter hardwoods. The weathered “barn board” look of the timbers is less obvious in the winter months and more so in spring and summer, when it contrasts with the surrounding green vegetation.

Exotic Animal Barn

This barn for exotic animals is a monitor barn (raised center aisle barn). It has a modern timber frame with clerestory windows, where the monitor serves to provide additional light to the center of the structure and act to vent it, or both. The barn has doors on both ends, as well as both sides, which allows for ventilation regardless of the direction of the wind. The barn features a stone wainscot, painted horizontal siding and a standing-seam steel roof. The interior of the barn shows modern S-4-S (surfaced on four sides) fir timbers and steel bracket connections. The clear presence of the camel that lives in this barn, demonstrates the amount of light provided by the raised center aisle clerestory windows.