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MADI art wall dedicated in Marshall, Texas

volf roitmanMarshall, Texas – Attached to the west wall of the Wood Building being renovated by Stephen B. Chambers Architects, Inc., is a MADI Art installation by internationally renowned artist, Volf Roitman. The Marshall MADI Art Wall was dedicated in a citywide ceremony on December 18, 2009.

Mr. Roitman, the founder of the South American MADI art movement, describes MADI art as “a form which celebrates asymmetry and the three-dimensional…add a generous amount of vibrant color and playfulness.”

Edmund Wood, a Marshall native, and his wife Anna Wood, provided space on their office building and the finances to install the art on its west side. The Marshall News Messenger quotes City Manager, Frank Johnson, “it can have a huge impact on the children in the community. It exposes them to what is literally and internationally significant piece of art…

Susan Spears, Michelson Museum of Art Director, says,

“there is no message, no underlying anything, it just brings exciting color and fancy. It’s just to make you feel good.”

mardi art wallSteve Chambers, AIA:

“I enjoyed his collaboration with Mr. Roitman and feels that the addition of his art to the renovation of this building brings additional forms, colors, invention and imagination to the Marshall streetscape and serves as an interesting contrast to the historical homes and the Marshall Courthouse, which can be seen two blocks to the west of the MADI Art Wall.”

Roitman’s art pieces were moved from the façade of a Dallas building and installed in Marshall.

“Using the embodied energy of this art adds an additional element of sustainable/green design to the project,” states Chambers.

For more information on MADI art visit Wikipedia.

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