Cáceres, Spain

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Above: Cáceres, Spain. © Jorge Cancela / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

History is an invaluable tool in understanding the facets of all design.
               — Steve Chambers, A.I.A.

Photo Credit: Stephanie M. Chambers.

Cáceres, Spain an enchanting Andalusian village only nine miles from the bustle of the Mediterranean coast appears like sugar cubes, piled precariously high, nudging the battlements of a Moorish castle.  This World Heritage Site boasts incomparable towers, palaces, and churches whose styles are Moorish, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.

Romans founded the city in 25 BC. Evidence of this can be found in the caves of Maltravieso and El Conejar.

The Old Town is still bordered by ancient walls. This part of town is known for having a large number of storks’ nests. The walls contain a medieval town setting with no apparent signs of a modern city. Because of this, numerous television shows and movies have been filmed there. The Universidad de Extremadura, and two astronomical observatories are located in Cáceres.

UNESCO declared Cáceres a World Heritage City in 1986, because of the city’s blend of RomanMoorish, Northern Gothic and Italian Renaissance architecture. Thirty towers from the Islamic period still stand, of which, the Torre del Bujaco is the most famous.

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